Home, or Estate Delivery


You can form teams and place pre-orders directly with us.


You can form teams and place pre-orders directly with our site. You then place orders on our site with the specific farmer or seller, he sends across the produce to us and we get it home delivered to you.

Each team buy offer mentions how many people you need in the team for the team to be active. The most common minimum team size is just 2 people.

Right now the discount remains 20% for all orders. However, from time to time we announce prizes for the top teams with maximum number of team members.

Yes you can – it’s up to you who you form the team with.

If no one joins your team within the deadline, your order is cancelled and auto refunded.

If your team buy succeeds, we will home deliver the products to individual team members. Each team buy listing shows the expected delivery dates. If, in rare cases, the delivery cannot be done due to reasons like the produce not meeting quality standards etc, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Team Buy prices are lower because forming such teams helps us place orders in bulk with farmers. Also, most people end up forming teams with neighbours, which reduces our last mile delivery costs. We are able to pass these savings on to you.

Every day we list different sets of products you can buy including chemical-free fruits etc.


We always strive to deliver safely but in case of an accident will access the claim and make refund immediately.

Yes. You need notify us 24 hours before your order is dispatched for delivery.

You can truck you order online