An exciting new community powered alternative food network designed to bring our community together.

Making sure that smallholder farming pays and offers a life beyond subsistence is essential, not only to future food security, but also to lifting millions of people out of poverty and giving them the agency to change their lives” . CEO and Co-Founder

Farmiken Services

Maintaining and strengthening relationships between smallholders and key stakeholders
throughout the supply chain, including input suppliers, buyers and processor.


Providing data to inform better business and farming decisions, improving smallholders’ cash
flow and profitability.


Quality Farm Input

Providing information to field agents and lead farmers to build awareness of support
available to smallholders via a products or services.



Providing smallholders with affordable access to innovative tools for boosting productivity.


Processing and Distribution

Providing greater transparency for smallholders by grading production quality at point of collection or aggregation.

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Strengthening demand for smallholder produce and improving smallholder incomes through direct access to  consumers


Value Addition

Developing better customer and market data to further improve forecasting of demand, access to consumers and recording of transactions